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My Top Period Pieces

If you are looking for your next period piece to watch, you have come to other right place, or if you stumbled upon the swell and you have no idea what period pieces are, you have also come to the right place. Period pieces are shows or movies that are set in a specific period in time, and this time setting has a profound influence on the events that play out throughout the show

Looking for a new period piece to watch? I have some recommendations. #history #drama #romance #tv #show #periodpiece

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More shows!

Fantastic cast Billy Porter is in it, and so is Patty Lapone, especially in the second season, and they both sing. Singing is not essential to the plot, but they both sing and it's beautiful and amazing. And you should absolutely watch it. Ten out of ten. Pose find it on Netflix. My next show is Hollywood, also on Netflix. This show is not very realistic. It's rooted in a reality where everybody has the same opportunities, regardless of background or circumstances