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Two hoes for white men

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Like they overspecialize them, because if it was a woman, you would find it extremely creepy if everyone just talked about how attractive she was and not double standards. Everybody. But you know what? It's okay. I mean, it's not okay. Obviously, it's not okay on everybody, but at some point it's too much. And I still want to talk. But he's a really trusted guy and free Bernie b****

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ummmm okay white boy addict

Everyone likes him, so that's no surprise. I can't believe you just found out about him anyway. He is cute. A lot of TikTok is cute, but they're all going cringy. Let me just say I don't know if you're being racist, but I don't know. Just sounds like you're being exclusive of any other man to exist
lily rafat
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Okay calling us out. No, it's just our thing. Me and Margot's thing is like that's our type, you know, and also did not just find out about Vinny, always knew about him, but just because of the fight, he's been everywhere. And I started liking him more. So. Yeah
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