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lily rafat
@lilraf · 1:55

Day in London part 4 🫖

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Hi, everyone here's another day in London. So today we started out. It was raining, like, very, very hard. We started out by going on High Street, Kensington. We went to the bank. And then we went to Box and Spencer again got more desserts and one other store as well. Oh, Boots, which is like the pharmacy beauty supply store. I don't know, kind of everything, but not food, not clothes or anything

#tea #london #football

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Sophie B
@sophlamoph · 0:09
Yes, Queen have your London adventure hope you're having a great time Love you
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Janet Yang
@janetyang · 1:10


Hey, Lily. Okay. That sounds amazing. No, I wish I was out of this country. I wish I was in London, you know, in some pubs, watching football games, like the American version. It looks amazing. I'm so happy for you that you're in a place that you love and doing things that you're so excited about and you love doing it sounds amazing. I'm excited to see you because you're coming home tomorrow, right? Sunday
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