There is something powerful about being vulnerable - Do we really need disclaimers when we Are operating from the heart?

I think I went from kind of one tangent to another, but at the end of the day, when it comes to us being ourselves, there's really no need for us to have a disclaimer because we're the real deal. We're good people. We have high awareness. We may have a level of sensitivity that others may not be able to register. Kind of like a dog whistle, you know?

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Shawna Kearsley
@OnAcornBay · 1:41

Vulnerability is the new strong.

Thank you for this and it is very nice to meet you here. I love this post. Vulnerability, vulnerability is the new strong, my friend and I appreciate finding a fellow soil caster who is pushing on that, because too often you're right. We question ourselves and, and we doubt and we fear and we may be in environments where when you get vulnerable, the environment shuts it down. How do we get to the confidence from inside to continue to be vulnerable?
robert alexander
@liferhythms · 2:48


I'm also feeling a bit tired, and hopefully I'm not coming down with a cold, but, yeah, I always love having transparent and open conversations with people. I think a lot of people, I like calling it the Carlin effect. Kind of like George Carlin, so. Oh, not like George Carlin. Just very much. Yeah. In the spirits of George Carlin, basically, he would just normalize certain things