Greg Dickson

@LifeOrigami·2yr ago·1:16

Invitation to discuss communication


"…Good afternoon. Good morning. Good evening. Good night. No, this is not The Truman Show. I just thought I'd say Hello. And since you're following me here on Swallow, thought you might want to know that that I posted something up on Communication. It's an open, swell cast and asking questions about communication and challenges and opportunities.…"

Izzy S-L

@Izzy · 2yr ago · 2:05

"…Communication. Yeah. Something that I've been really struggling with lately is that I have to rely so much on writing in order to communicate now because of COVID it I'm not able to as often or as easily just vocalize and communicate just by speaking. I'm such an external processor too that I rely so heavily on just thinking out loud in order to get my idea or point across.…"

external processing


Greg Dickson

@LifeOrigami · 2yr ago · 0:57

"…And being an auditory processor, maybe one of the things you could do is before you submit, send it. Read it back out loud to yourself. Be amazed what you pick up on subtleties and missing information. Just a couple of ideas there for you.…"

Sometimes reading aloud helps those of us who are auditory @Izzy


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