Greg Dickson

@LifeOrigami·2yr ago·4:58

Pride is a double edged sword, is our pride just a layer which protect our Achilles heel?


"…But everybody's saying, well, did you break anything that's, like, the only thing that I broke was my pride being vulnerable, being falling down the g****** steps. And then I hit the concrete and I'm laying there and my head is in the snow. Fortunately, I didn't bash my head. That's a good thing. I fell to my left. I got my left arm and my left hip.…"

My #pride was revealed when I slipped on the icy steps in our new home , I was #vulnerable laying on the concrete in the snow  #lifeorigami


Dewuan .

@FryedOreo · 2yr ago · 4:54

"…But while I was stuck at averaging 20 listings an episode, here comes these new people coming in, getting 3200 listeners an episode. And I could not understand for the life of me why. And it was because of the pride. I was so prideful in what I had done before that I thought it would carry me through. But see, I lost the hustle. I lost the hustle to constantly create. And I got stuck in the numbers.…"

Pride always loses to nature.


Greg Dickson

@LifeOrigami · 2yr ago · 4:48

"…Hey, Duan, that s a very interesting story. Very, very interesting. So I think there's pride. And then there is. You call it fake pride. False pride. We take pride in something we have no business taking pride in your story around your popularity, online and social audio apps and stuff is very interesting. And I guess the thing is that if I had a slip like that 30 years ago, I would have probably caught myself.…"

Pride is a story, @Dewuan


Emery Smith

@emerysmith52 · 2yr ago · 4:59

"…It kind of sucks. Or you can say, you know, yeah, it's good, bad, and it's ugly, but it's who I came from, and I'm going to use it as a resource. And so even though it's a sense of pride, I can turn it on its head either for good or for bad, I can moan about how my heritage.…"

@LifeOrigami @duwain #pride heritage to legacy


Swell Team

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Welcome to Swell!

Greg Dickson

@LifeOrigami · 2yr ago · 2:05

"…So I think that it's a very deep subject. And I really appreciate you adding your thoughts to the conversation. We're going to have to ponder them some more.…"

Many aspects to pride @MerelyHuman

Greg Dickson

@LifeOrigami · 2yr ago · 0:57

"…Emory, thank you for building the conversation, expanding it and adding your own anecdote. It's absolutely fascinating. What I want to say is I really admire the intentionality that you demonstrated and how you were able to observe yourself and observe pride. Observe your intentions. I think that's a very elegant expression of our humanity, how we can speak into one another's lives. And therein lies eyes, the power of a time shifted conversation within a community, within an app like as well.…"

Powerful observations @emerysmith52

Dzakye M

@dzakyem · 2yr ago · 3:58

"…We are proud of having a specific ability, and we consider it to be the value we can rely on, and we can almost advocate to other people and present. This is my worth. And in relation to that, I think we can sometimes put too much effort into keeping up to value, and in that sense, place our self esteem wrongly because we lose our independence when we do that. And it comes with strings attached, as you're saying, in matter of hard work behind it.…"

No standard to keep up with. Let's love allround, just for the fun of it!..


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