Greg Dickson

@LifeOrigami·2yr ago·3:34

Capitalism is Failing During the Pandemic


"…Unfortunately, during the pandemic, when we are forced to examine our priorities and when we're faced with making choices, making decisions based upon our best interests. With all these complicating risk factors, people choose to protect themselves and put their needs first, and that's totally understandable. So what prompted this particular post was a friend of mine.…"

I believe capitalism is quickly collapsing we need to think differently, let’s debate and discuss

Taylor J

@Taylor · 2yr ago · 1:53

"…Hey, Greg, you ended your swell there with we need to redesign businesses so that we serve the people, I think is what you said. And I think the fact of the matter here is that capitalism never really served the people people, no matter what you might be told. I really don't think that that's the case.…"


Greg Dickson

@LifeOrigami · 2yr ago · 3:35

"…And then with that triangle of the customer, the staff and the business in that triangle, we create some middle space, be able to create value in an ethical cogent, logical way. So in the course of my career, I've retired four times. This is number four semi retirement. I'm going to come out of retirement again because what I do is I would leave business, sell or close the business and liquidate it and go and live my life the way I wanted.…"

I’ve been trying to be part of the solution for decades

Taylor J

@Taylor · 2yr ago · 2:16

"…But when I was teaching, I taught media literacy at one point to students between the ages of it was a mixed grade class. So it was like eleven to 14. And I was asked at the beginning of the year, what elective do you want to teach? And I found a way to sort of finesse this into the curriculum because there really isn't a media literacy course for K through twelve students. I got to create my own curriculum for that, which was really awesome.…"


phil spade

@Phil · 2yr ago · 3:49

"…And then we say, Well, let's just do this for a little while and then let's go back to capitalism. And to me, that doesn't make logical sense. And I really don't know what the answer is, but I've really been thinking about it this past couple of weeks here.…"

I think we like capitalism until it fails, then we do it all over again.


Greg Dickson

@LifeOrigami · 2yr ago · 3:24

"…I can't imagine having the complexity of the challenges that they now face. One thing I'm Crystal clear on is that what got us here won't get us to where we need to go. And the double challenge is, where would North America be without capitalism? Where would United States and Canada be without capitalism? It's so intricately interwoven into our entire existence. It's a problem. I don't know that I have the answers either. I just am asking the questions.…"

I’m just trying to talk to as many people as possible @Phil


Greg Dickson

@LifeOrigami · 2yr ago · 2:09

"…We have to start taking ownership as citizens of the issues and begin building our own networks, our own community networks, and have dialogue and discussions to see what we can do, to try to kind of coordinate, coordinate, joined together and gang up on the politicians.…"

We need to hang up on the Bureaucracies @CaliGooner

Michael G

@Gside · 2yr ago · 3:43

"…They're trying to get rid of the middle class, just have a wage, slave, poor class, working class and an elite that it seems with a lot of these models they're coming out with for stakeholder capitalism, you won't even know who the h*** they are moving forward. So the conversation is necessary. And I've been a leftist my whole life. I've been anti racist. I ran with antifaffer a little bit, but I'm going to tell you what.…"


"…So if we look at, for example, capitalism, it's designed to destroy itself because business owners are doing their very best to cut costs. So if that means letting an employee go, perhaps bringing in technology of various kinds all so that there can be more profit, less overhead. Right. But what happens then, is that the employees no longer have a job.…"

Capitalism is designed to end in collapse. The pandemic hit fast forward.


Greg Dickson

@LifeOrigami · 2yr ago · 5:00

"…Hey, Michael G. Nice to meet you. Thank you for weighing in. I have to be honest and say that extreme left, extreme right. I see something I call zooming. People like what you've described philosophy, political philosophies are very malleable, and I see people switching back and forth without perhaps even realizing that they're doing that.…"

I’d forgotten about the World Economic Forum reset @Gside

Greg Dickson

@LifeOrigami · 2yr ago · 5:00

"…I know in Canada, we pay into Canada pension plan. As an employee, you paint the Canna pension plan, and then employers contribute an equal amount into the Canada pension plan. So I don't consider that socialism. I consider that a pooling of resources, much like we pool our resources by living in a community and sharing a common sewer system, water system, electrical grid.…"

Capitalism is a greed system, I agree/disagree with some @SeekingPlumb

"…Hey, Greg, I do use the pause button from time to time, so maybe I used the wrong word. I'm not sure if we're going to look at the pooling of resources as socialism. The US Social Security system is sort of a mix of things, right. We do contribute from our paychecks a percentage of it.…"

Social Security. Capitalism devouring itself not my idea. @LifeOrigami


Swell Team

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Welcome to Swell!

Greg Dickson

@LifeOrigami · 2yr ago · 2:19

"…I can try to look at it from all the different perspectives, but that's just tyranny just create confusion from my perspective, based on my values, people are more important than money and capitalism than someone's false sense of pride and ego.…"

Yes, I value people over money


"…I like that comparison the economic Kings with the feudal system that seems to really fit it's. It's more complex obviously now, and it's more intricate and involved, maybe even a little bit more subtle because we don't necessarily think of ourselves as the peasant, necessarily. Maybe sometimes. But yeah, great analogy there.…"

Ooh, economic kings! @LifeOrigami


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