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First encounters to the paranormal

However you say it, I don't remember any of it, but apparently my whole family does. And I have half. My family is very superstitious. Coming from a Mexican Catholic, Native American side. They thought I was gifted and I could talk to spirits and Angels and shadow people. And whatnot? So that's kind of my experience with the paranormal, or at least my first experience again

Share your first encounters with ghosts, aliens, demons, and other paranormal. #ghosts #ghouls #stories #spirits #paranormal #demons #skeptic #believer

Taylor J
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Hey, thanks for sharing your experiences with us. I cannot say that I have had any myself, although I do know a handful of people that will swear by certain experiences they've had. And I think the closest that I've ever come to what you've described is have been tied to trips that I've taken and places that I've been that have a pretty interesting history, if you will
Lena Foster
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Thank you for sharing. That's really interesting. I really want to learn more about voodoo. I'm probably not going to go to College for it, quite frankly, but I think that's really interesting. So thanks for sharing. As for the feelings you get when in a certain place I've been there for sure. Definitely attending a Church. I don't really go to Church because I'm an atheist, but I do get weird feelings from it
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