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Stewards Of the Future

 · 2yr ago · 2:35

Servant Leadership

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"…So the second of the three parts to being an exceptional leader deals with egolessness and servant leadership. Just look around at leaders who have gotten themselves in trouble. I'm sure that's not very hard to do with recent events, but still think in your own experience about a leader, whether it's a boss, a manager, whoever it was who was in it for themselves, their own glory, always trying to save face and look good for the camera. What do you remember about them?…"



Stewards Of the Future

@leadership · 2yr ago · 3:01

Servant Leadership continued

"…That contemplation is in and of itself a great way to gauge and value your commitment to servant leadership. Just like cool balance and presence. This is a muscle we have to develop. It takes conscious focus and effort and a willingness to get the feedback. If you are off base with it, courage is being able to take the feedback. If my leadership ego starts to drive rather than my desire to serve and empower my team. I love what Bruce Lee once said.…"


Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes · 2yr ago · 3:09

The infinity loop of leadership and trust

"…But it's really great to say, how can I take a couple of hours and really go over to someone else's desk for a second metaphorically and see how I could partner with them? And I think the great leaders are ones that really do that they have their to do list.…"


Swell Team

@Swell · now · 0:15

Karan Dev

@Karan.Dev · 2yr ago · 2:24

Combining EQ with IQ defines leadership!

"…At least I've heard from people working in these organizations that this seems to be a priority that is listed. I guess the most important thing about being a leader is if you have suffered, you can automatically relate to suffering, so to be able to deal with success and failure with Equanimity or the same stroke is something I personally look up to by the same stroke. I mean, not really getting too caught up or too attached to losses or gains.…"

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