LL Walton
@lavidus · 3:28

Who gives You Advice?…

Greetings. Well, universe, how are you on this evening? Just sharing my thoughts, you know, question, would you rather get advice from someone who has experienced what you have experienced, experienced, or someone who has read what you have experienced? Are you more likely to accept advice from someone who per se is educated in what you need advice on, as opposed to someone who has experienced what you need advice? Who are you more likely to to listen to?

Who are you more likely to take advice from?

Enfinit Evolushun
@Enfinit · 4:40
But, yeah, experience is the only advice angle that I'll accept. You can't tell me s***. People that talk about history when they talk about history. I'm like, you weren't even there, bro. Stop it. Come on, bro. You weren't even there. People go so hard for stuff they've never seen and experienced. And I'm like, Dude, experience it first shouty. And that's how I feel about spirituality
LL Walton
@lavidus · 1:21

Not at all!!

I mean, if you're not working with someone, thank you for your response. It was very long. I'm just kidding. But if you don't actually know someone, like, how do you judge their spiritual work? You know what I'm saying? Like, why would you need to see that from someone unless you're working with them directly? And that is pretty typical of that Capricorn person you were working with eight years to break down her walls
Dewuan .
@FryedOreo · 4:59

I need both. 🤷🏾‍♂️

It's not that I can't read English words because I can't and I understand some of the concepts, but it really needs a personal touch because it just sounds like gibberish for me. So Taurus or Capricorn PISCES all that. I have no idea what these things mean. I can see memes about it and kind of get a glimpse and grasp, but they all mean the same thing to me. So I would need a person to tell me because they all mean the same thing
LL Walton
@lavidus · 1:12

I hope this helps…

Isn't that a koenka dink? Now, I know you're familiar with personality types is TJ INTJ ENTP. You know, the ones. All right. And under each personality type, there are certain characteristics that puts that person with that particular personality type under that category. It's the same way with the Zodiac, except it is more specific to your birthday in time. Now, I can go a little deeper, but we'll save that for another day. I hope this helps
Dewuan .
@FryedOreo · 4:46

I’m lost with astrology, and that’s ok. Lol

It's totally just clueless as to what they're talking about. Whereas I find with MBTI, I have to explain naturally because I know people don't know, but astrology. I think that's one of the things with being around for so long, people don't really need to know that much about it other than the fact of their experience with it and what a horoscope would tell them
Kim M
@kimestryarts · 3:19

Intuition versus advice

Also, as my teacher, one thing I wanted to say about astrology that I always find interesting is that in the past, astrology was religion, like our connection to the stars and what that meant that was part of religion. And now it seems that people often want to separate astrology from religion and make it this weird foreign thing. So I always find that interesting