But it's really a beautiful place and a unique thing to have when you can look at someone else's life and accept it the way that it is something that's outside your own, something that you may not understand or something something you may have never experienced and still be able to accept it as what it is, who they are without any judgment. Love

My experience.

Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 1:07


I think you mentioned something that is such a devotional practice, which is a phrase I've been using lately around the awareness that you might be judging as opposed to loving. And maybe in the judging, you block the loving. I believe in the ability to really catch yourself. And when you have that ability to catch yourself and you let go of the judge, you open up this whole possible place of just accepting somebody for who they are
LL Walton
@lavidus · 0:28
And sometimes I don't even think it's some, you know, people something that people do intentionally. But wouldn't you want to be accepted for exactly who you are without having to explain, you know, without having to apologize, without having to change unless it's part of your natural growth, we can all work towards that