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Positive Vibes Monday

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So you have to balance those things out and take time out for those things and make sure you take time out for yourself as well. Practice self care. That's a must. Whether it be for you to go in the bathroom and breathe a little bit, go take a nice hot shower, take yourself to the nail salon or get your feet done even, dudes, you have to get your feet done. Too

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Marley Musarra
@MarleyMusarra · 1:51
But I feel like with men it's like I got to grind and I got to provide. And maybe they'll watch football or something on the weekend, but that might be a sense of distraction. But it's not really like soul nourishing, always. Especially on the nervous system. So yeah, I really love that you pointed that out. I think it's really the first time I thought about it in that way
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