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LaRita Ferguson
@LaritaMotivates · 2:46

Positive Night/Morning Message

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And let yourself know and feel that you're here for yourself and you're looking out for yourself the best way that you can. And show your gratitude before you go to bed too. I speak about that in my book and my upcoming journals

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Lisa P
@mybookpublish · 4:19
So I was fine tuning the app and I ran into you. So now I'm going to head on up to the King's Highway and begin to sit before his feet because I know he's doing marvelous things. And I bid him, the angels, the Holy Spirit, the universe, keep on working with us, keep on shining among us, within us, among us. For us and in spite of us. All right, my sister, that is a long, lengthy reply
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Sandra Glasco
@kreator · 0:31
You. Good morning, Miss Loretta Ferguson. Thank you so much for that beautiful day and night message. A positive day and night message. It's wonderful. This morning, I'm starting my journey on a weight loss program. I'm already walking and my weight has been fluctuating back and forth, back and forth. And so I got up this morning and told myself, yes, I am capable, I am able, and it will be done in the name of Jesus
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Swell Team
@Swell · 0:15

Welcome to Swell!

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LaRita Ferguson
@LaritaMotivates · 1:36


They haven't caught up to the newer version and the new, improved version of you. So anything you say or anything you put out there, they're like, oh, they don't take it serious. But I'm glad that I'm able to reach people on a higher level and be of encouragement and enlightenment and be of a light to them, whether you're already in a space of light or if you're in a space of darkness
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LaRita Ferguson
@LaritaMotivates · 1:30


So I just want to go to the gym to tone up and to boost up my strength and stamina, because you have some of those days, right, where you're drained you're out of it, but you still push yourself to go. And that's me. Like, some days I'm like, okay, I don't want to do this today, but I know that I have to do it
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