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LaRita Ferguson
@LaritaMotivates · 2:52

Self-Love Journal Series

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It brings about a confidence in you that, hey, I don't have to be sad because this person is not choosing to love me anymore. Because guess what? I love myself enough to know that I deserve better and I will have better. So I hope this message finds you guys well and everyone's doing well and blessed. And if you're not, you will be soon. Stay encouraged, being motivated. Be motivated. You will make it through

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Dr. J
@Dr.J · 2:43
His name is I believe the username is Infinite evolution and evolution is spelled in a creative way, but you may want to just hear like he he had proposed, like instead of setting resolutions or and things like that for 2023, that he was going to be doing self love projects. And I just thought it was so cool. So I have been cultivating more or fostering more self love myself
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LaRita Ferguson
@LaritaMotivates · 1:17


And that's why I said I'm my journal, I don't want it to be just blank pages. I want people to get that their minds flowing and deepen their thoughts and give those prompts. For people to learn to love themselves a little bit more, put themselves first, that's very important
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