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Happiness is a Choice

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"…My life didn't function properly if somewhere along the way there wasn't some form of drama. Then one day I woke up and I realized that living in a state of unhappiness was a choice. I chose to be unhappy. A choice to partner up with negativity and sleep with it every single night. I wanted misery to be my best friend. I didn't want to experience anything positive. I leaned more towards pessimism rather than optimism and was proud of it.…"

I woke up oneday and realized that living in a state of unhappiness was a choice. #mentalhealth #wellness #selflove #selfhate


Deborah Pardes

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"…It really hits me, and I look forward to having more voices coming from your show here to sort of talk about what they hear there, because I think we're all stimulated when we hear things, and sometimes we don't know where to place that sort of external desire to bond around issues that come up for us. And I love that you're setting up a space here to do that. So thank you for being here and and have a happy next moment. How about that?…"


"…But when I'm not on a routine and things get broken up, which my wife does on a consistent basis and things kept getting thrown around and I feel that I'm in a realm of chaos because I feel like things aren't certain, things move around too much, then I start getting p***** off and then it just ruins the day. Just for me personally, I feel extreme emotions so I'm sensitive to energy and to things like that.…"

I agree its forcing change

L.A. Randle

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"…I hope that honestly, that the space grows and the people that need to hear my message hear it. This space isn't meant for everyone. Just the right ones. Right. With that being said, I'm truly glad that I could touch the spirit today. And I hope that your next moments are full of light.…"



L.A. Randle

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"…But to be able to stand in a room or in a building of chaos and not allow the chaos to ripple your waters, that is some serious, serious self control. And I'm almost there. I'm about 90% there. I can be in a room now with a ton of chaos, and I won't be moved by it. Internally, I won't be moved by it. Life isn't certain, okay?…"


Ro Christensen

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"…I think the fear that if I don't partner up with the negativity every now and then, I don't know, it's just suncharted waters and it's a bit scarier, I think.…"


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Welcome to Swell!

Krystle Marshall

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"…If I don't want to sit there and be miserable, I know not to sit up there and put myself in a predicament I did before. It's hard because especially when you're a woman and your emotions are always unbalanced, because there are still issues that need to be dealt with psychologically. It's going to cause certain uneasiness when you are confronted with certain people and situations. So I'm working on that. I'm working on that and I thank you for the topic.…"



"…Hey, thanks so much for bringing up this really, really important topic. First of all, I want to say that I believe whatever helps people to move forward in their lives and with their lives lives is definitely the right choice for them from the perspective of a cognitive psychologist and therapist. I'd also like to offer maybe just a thought that happiness isn't always a choice. It is not for everyone.…"

What if emotions/feelings/thoughts weren’t choices, but our behaviours are? And what if neurochemistry makes things less straightforward sometimes?


L.A. Randle

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"…Yes, ma'am. I want to say that I hope you and your family enjoyed your weekend and the holiday. Thank you for taking the time to listen and voice your opinion and share your story. You said something that I would like to focus on real quick, and that was you thought you deserve to be unhappy. I think a lot of women tend to put that sign on their heart, all based on what we did in the past or the bad decisions we might have made when we were younger.…"


L.A. Randle

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"…Choosing happiness is a change of behaviors, a change of environment, a change of diet, and a whole other school of things. Right? So, yes, I totally agree with you. There is a rabbit hole that must be traveled down, and I plan to travel down that rabbit hole in the future. Thank you so much for listening.…"


L.A. Randle

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"…Those emotions are there to teach us and guide us, and like you said, empower us in a way. Right? Adversity is here to make us stronger.…"


Krystle Marshall

@kfmarshall2022 · 1mo ago · 1:03

"…And I also hope and pray that you have a good week ahead of you and remember to continue to keep putting those interesting and joyful times. Philadelphia, god bless.…"


Happiness is a Choice

@larandle · 2mo ago · 4:11


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