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Ramalakshmi Mariappan
@Lakshu26 · 0:48

Tell me your Favourite beverage 🤔

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Only my friends and parents used to scold me. Why are you like this? But still, I like it very much. If it's too good. And if I'm having severe headaches, I'll take up to two or three cups. I don't need a tablet. Actually, a cup of tea is enough. Okay, guys, now it's your turn. Share your Sims, replace

#tea #drinks #beverages #stressbusters

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Sharmila devi
@Sharmi · 0:07
My favorite is chocolate milkshake. It's a
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@Shaz · 0:17
I have quite a few, but now to recall, I think mine would be Bada milk. Yes, especially have memories of coming back from school. There used to be a shop nearby where I used to get it for Rs10 every single day. So yes, that one
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Anitta P.J
@anittz · 0:22
Yeah. My favorite beverage is also tea. I don't know why, but from a very young age, I started to drink tea, and tea has become a part of my daily life. Some people say I'm a tea addict and I think so. I am because I can't survive a day if I don't have a very important part of my daily routine
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