Ophelia Johnson

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Expectation Challenge...can you lower your expectations?

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"…I expect that because I'm a good person and I really am that others will be the same towards me, whether it's my ex husband who I find myself to be very kind and understanding and giving to, or whether it's a friend who I've loan money to, and I kind of expect that because we're friends and you realize that I have three kids and that I have to take care of them on my own. I expect them to give me the money back.…"

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Sontaia Briggs

@PKBriggs · 11mo ago · 2:37

"…Hey, ladyo. Oh, good day to you. Oh, good night. Actually, you might even be sleeping in Qatar. So I like your I like this image. Stop expecting you from people. And I agree with your overall message, but not bad. And I would like to just push a little bit further on that. So don't expect things from people because it's always disappointing. I think I would say I definitely disagree with that. Not always.…"

@LadyO Growth is an inside job.


Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes · 11mo ago · 2:34

"…Hey, great set of ideas here so timely in so many ways because I think when we every day we wake up and we have a set of ideas of that day and we show up for those ideas and we try to help them become realized right when it comes to the dynamic we have with others. I think we can be inspirational to others, and in that inspiration, they can show up and delight us because we're mirroring for them the kind of exchange we're looking for.…"

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Ophelia Johnson

@LadyO · 11mo ago · 4:33

"…So that's why I brought about the subject of lowering your expectations back home when I'm home with my family and my true friends. Of course, I would never lower my expectation. But even then, sometimes people see you in a way, and they feel like they can take from you, and they just take. So that's why I brought about the conversation of lowering our expectations and what that actually means for each of us.…"



Swell Team

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Welcome to Swell!

Ophelia Johnson

@LadyO · 11mo ago · 3:10

"…Yeah, baby, you're so right. I probably shouldn't have used always and never. You know, those words I have to watch. Yeah. I think a lot of this comes from my experiences here and my experiences with my ex fact that I kind of expected him to really step up and be a good dad and to help me with the kids. And he just doesn't.…"

@realbriggster Growth is an inside job... But not everyone is willing to pu


Dewuan .

@FryedOreo · 11mo ago · 3:00

"…It could be very challenging for me at times to relay messages to other people in the fashion it was intended. And I almost think to some degree, you just have people out there that know what you're talking about, but they just want to bring a counter argument, which is fine. They're cool. But I do have issue when people counter something just to counter it rather than something they actually care about. So sometimes it could be me expecting me from others and them expecting them from others.…"

I’m stealing this quote! Lol @LadyO


Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes · 11mo ago · 0:41

"…And I just want you to come back when you can get over to La, I'll give you a big hug and you can come to my door.…"

@LadyO context 🌱


Ophelia Johnson

@LadyO · 11mo ago · 0:54

"…So I thank you so much for your message. Yeah, definitely. I hope to come back home in December. I'm hopeful the lockdown situation here has been much more extensive and traveling has been, like, really difficult. So if I make it back in December, or maybe I'll make my way over to La and check you out. Maybe we can have some coffee or something. All right, sweetheart. Have a wonderful day. Thank you. Bye.…"

@DBPardes thank you💜


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