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Ophelia Johnson
@LadyO · 4:32

Get Grounded. Growth is a process, dig deeper to find your roots❤

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Maybe you're thinking, I want to do this, but I don't know, this isn't going to work. Or maybe you're in a relationship and you feel like, oh, this person just doesn't love me because he's not doing this and he's not doing that. But if you can stand and look and observe and see what's really happening and stop the movie that's saying in your head about your situation and just leave it for chance. For God

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Classic Cupcake
@Classic_Cupcake · 1:13
Hi. I completely agree because I think most of the work that we do on ourselves is at the end of the day, aimed towards being that centered, ground itself, you know, where you know yourself, you know what you want in life, where you stand in respect to other people, in respect to your your goals in life
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will guzman
@wilshine729 · 1:58


Hello, lady. Oh, I just wanted to check in and say nothing can take our peace away. It's a great point. Sometimes we fall, sometimes we get knocked down, but we always rise. It's in our nature to rise eyes. We have that survival instinct. Now for those that are suffering anything mentally that might be a little bit more easier than said
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