Evelyn Phipps
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📸📷🤳 #PhotoStory | A photo I am proud of...this one right here! 💫✨

And I'm most proud of this photo because it was my mom's birthday and we were able to celebrate it together, which was unusual because usually I would just give her a phone call and say happy birthday. But my father and my mom were in the same place at the same time and I was in the same place at the same time. And my new husband was also there. Well, actually, he wasn't my husband yet, but he wanted to be

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Angela Kaye
@AnngieKaye · 0:47
Hey, lady five. Beautiful picture. Thank you so much for sharing. I'm gonna say you look more like dad than mom. Why? We always do that. We always gotta figure out which one. You got dad's eyes and mom's nose. We always do that, right? But I think you look more like your dad than your mom. Definitely a great picture. Everybody looks happy. It just gives you that down home feel
Evelyn Phipps
@LadyFi · 1:20


Hey, Angie. Yeah? Thank you so much because I know you know how it feels. I know you know how it feels. And, yeah, I do look like my dad. I look so much more like my dad than I do my mom. And it's cool, cuz. And I look at my. In the mirror, I see my dad. So, yeah. And, girl, he has such a record collection. Girl, don't
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Hey, lady five. I appreciate you showing that picture. Oh, my goodness. It brought back memories to me, you know, when I had my dad, and I just love that. I just love that for you. I can see the happiness in the photo, and it just brought just so many memories and good thoughts to my mind as well. I wish my dad was here, you know? So I know what that's like to not have a parent around that you love
Evelyn Phipps
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Thank you so much for listening. Yep. I love my dad. I miss my dad tremendously, just like you miss yours. I wish he was here, but then I don't wish he was here, because I know he's in heaven. There's no more pain or sorrow or stress. So thinking about that, it makes me understand that he's in a better place. Like, he's in a much better place than I am right now