Don’t Match Energy Just Remove Yourself! #Self-care

In dealing with self care and stuff today, I just. I want to talk about a couple. Well, maybe just one thing. As you can see from the picture that you see, I'm not matching people's energy this year. I'm just not gonna do it. I'm just gonna remove myself

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Erica Jean
@HeyItsErica · 2:54
There was an episode where it's two guys taking care of a little girl, and even though they're not in a relationship, they are friends. They decided to take in this child. And the guy with the blonde hair, he's the one that does the cooking, the sewing, the cleaning. He keeps tabs on everything. He keeps notebooks about everything. He does the shopping. I mean, he literally does everything while his buddy plays video games. And one day, he just
Evelyn Phipps
@LadyFi · 1:45


I don't have to do anything I don't want to do, you know, beside pay taxes, stay black and die, you know? But other than that, I have choices. And I'm over here getting a full ulcer. Seriously? Because you're stressing me. Guess what? Peace. A hola, deuces. I'm out. Because. No, you're not gonna kill me. I got enough stuff to think about
Gentle Flame By India
@INDIA333 · 2:19
So now that I've, you know, gone with this healing journey and I've connected to God, it's like he taught me my value, and now my self care is a priority, and it's non negotiable, you know? So that's. That. That's just, um. It's not even a question. It's more of a statement. Like, it's just non negotiable at this point in my life
Evelyn Phipps
@LadyFi · 1:08


You know, I understand that completely. I'm not Finna. I'm not gonna negotiate with anybody either because I've done that. I've done that. I've done that. I'm sorry, I've done that. Please excuse me. I've done the. What are you talking about? I've done the negotiation. I've done the. Well, I didn't mean it like that. I've done the. Well, why aren't you around?
Neha Dondapati
@neha_97 · 1:41
So I've come to realize about those things, you know, when it comes to people and the vibe they give off when it is on and off, when it is inconsistent, when it is, you know, hot and cold or whatever. So that's the reason I don't get along with those people anymore. Initially, they might be all good, and then they decide to just, you know, ghost for some reason, let's say
Evelyn Phipps
@LadyFi · 0:45


If they're not bringing the right energy around you. Just leave them alone. Leave them where they're at. Somebody said, leave them where they got you messed up at. So that's what I feel. I feel like I'm going to leave them where they had me messed up at. But anyway. Yes, I totally agree with