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Mansi Tripathi
@LackeyLevi27 · 3:15


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There's this addition sign in the end to indicate that there are more identities as the term is evolving to cater to the every facet of human existence. You might have come across this term many times on the Internet or the news channels. Right now in India, the petition for marriage equality for homosexual is being discussed. The government of India declared its opposition to the marriage equality few days back. I was talking with my brother. We were discussing about this issue. My mother got angry

#LGBTQ #PrideMonth #RainbowFlag

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Challa Sri Gouri
@challasrigouri · 1:48
And it is our responsibility to bring awareness in the society, what this community is all about, what actually the biological reason for these things and all that might help us in bringing the change in the society. And it's our responsibility. Thank you
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