Kyle Hebert
@kylehebert · 1:36

Have you heard/seen "Calls" on Apple +?

I've only seen the first episode, but it is totally immersive. It's like you're listening to phone calls between two people and very strange, creepy, unsettling things start to happen. If this is not your genre, it's like, oh, I can't handle intense things. Then maybe not stay away, maybe not comma and stay away
Carina Herciu
@Carina89 · 0:12


Yes. I saw on my brother. I paint because he had this. And I like it
Bowie Rowan
@bowie · 1:20
I'm so glad you talked about this show, because the trailer, I guess, has popped up a few times when I have been watching Dickinson on Apple TV plus, and every time I get so freaked out just from the trailer, so I have been tempted to begin watching it and also afraid that I will never be able to sleep again if I watch it. So I'm wondering I'm really interested because Mark Duplass is involved in it
Kyle Hebert
@kylehebert · 0:28
I would describe them as very intense. Then again, I'm also a horror fan. If you consider yourself a lightweight, I don't know if I would watch it right before going to bed. But if you're into intense drama and suspense, things that really pull you in, this is just top notch. I hope that helps