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Art Tips & Tricks/What do You Enjoy?

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"…So I just wanted to I'll post a picture of what my canvas looks like right now. It's all just in pencil, and I haven't really done it. And then I'll post some updates as I go in case anyone is interested. But I wanted to know, if you guys do art, what are some things, like, some mediums that you really enjoy?…"

I really enjoy painting but am not that good and don't really make time for it. Do you have any techniques that have helped you improve? #art #paint

Emilie Vayner

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"…Also, I hate the drawing aspect of painting, and I love painting, so I used to be so much of a perfectionist with the fact that I had to either trace or, like, every single little detail had to be sketched out on the canvas before I picked up paint. And recently I've been painting a landscape for my dad, and I did something I never did before, which I literally just sketched a line of where the landscape would be and a couple of squares of the general painting.…"

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Kyle Crossman

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"…They're almost always using oil paint, and I think it's just because, like you said, it's a lot harder to use and more technical, especially because it doesn't dry as fast. But blending with oil paint, I know is supposed to be, like, so much easier than acrylic, and I just get destroyed on acrylic paintings trying to blend.…"



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