But there is a lot of focus on the internship as well, the brand of the internship and the social work you do. So I would recommend doing all of these activities in the first year to build your CV, since this would be the best time do it

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Aman Shah
@Amanshah777 · 0:06
This is very interesting and I totally relate to it. Would love to hear more about it and this was very informative. Thank you
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yashvi birla
@yashvibirla · 0:42
I definitely agree with you because I think the first year is probably the only time when you get free time to do things that are not a part of your College life but about social work. I think it's not just because you want to build your CV or your resume. It should come in with a sense of responsibility to come forward and work with NGOs and be accountable for the same about internships
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