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@kritikajuneja98 · 2:45

AYALI- A Relatable Tale Of A Young Girl Fighting Menstrual Taboos And Patriarchy

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As legend has it, a young girl, A, locked with a man from a neighboring village 500 years ago, causing the villagers to suffer from the that of their deity Ayali. Since then, all girls with each puberty were married off and barred from entering the temple. As Penance, the protagonist of the series, Tamir, a 9th grader who aspires to become a doctor, wants to complete a 10th standard. She questions gender inequality, superstitious beliefs and patriarchal practices in the village

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Swati Bhargava
@swatinakshatra8 · 1:00

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Hi Kritika. You spoke very well and told you about the facts in the Menstrual taboos it was very difficult to manage but it was more difficult than before in the mantra form and they were many superstitions too first don't sit here, don't go there, don't touch this but today the situations has changed and people's thinking has also changed. Today people also talk about this and do not believe in the earlier superstitions but all is not well. But many people's thinking is changing
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