Kritika Mehra
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Do clothes define you?

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Hey, guys, my name is Kritika. Mehra. I want to say, does clothes really define us? Like, if I am wearing a short dress, does it mean does it really matter? It's all depending on how you treat others, not what you wear. Rather than judging on clothes, it's better

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@duakushagra03 · 0:13
Very true and very well said with the girl in the model, we don't have to judge a girl by their clothes, what they are wearing or what she is wearing over here. Very true said by her
Nimisha Malhotra
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I believe it's in the eyes of the viewer. It does not matter what clothes we wear
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Muskan Gupta
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Hi. I just want to say that we don't have right to judge others on what they are wearing or how they look. We just have to respect them and respect the thought and their opinion. So yeah, I totally agree with you
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