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KARADI TALES - Thukpa for all, read aloud by Daksh, 7yrs old (just turned 7 this month May)

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Invite Seren? Sure, I'll be there. Tell him what's it on the filing. Your graph. Some tashyuncles patch again? He asked, picking her up and stroking her. There's my wandering sheep, this Tashi uncle gathering little mole in his arms. You always bring her back, Sheri thank you, it says, guiding him back to the train. As he walks away, Shering calls out, It's been a long time since you visited his uncle. Abi is making Tukka tonight

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Awesome 👏 👏👏👌

Hey, DAX. Wow. It was awesome hearing you, Kitty. The way you narrate the story, the way you express the feeling of the story was awesome. Keep the good work. Bye, TADA
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Welcome to Swell!

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Hi Duch. Awesome. Dear love your voice and the expressions. Please do continue the same. I enjoy a lot. God a blessings
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Brilliant way of storytelling. Very articulate. Yeah. Keep it up. Very good
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It? S really amazing. Duck, keep up the good work and voice modulation is the essence of storytelling. You have managed it very well
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Very good narration that we really felt like eating the yummy Amy to Cast what a great story
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Hey, Ducks, it was lovely listening to the story, waiting for more
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Hey Dutch, my name is Arjun. I like your I like your book reading and also keep it up for reading everything in the everything in like all books so keep it up and do your best
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#Thupkaforall #karaditales #readaloudstory #readaloudcontest #bydaksh

Thank you all each and everyone for encouraging me and for the wonderful messages left for me. Thank you
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Excellent. Nourishing Ducks loud. It a lot
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That she's very good
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Congratulations, Reading. Well, keep it up
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Hey Dutch, it was wonderful listening to you. I agree with all the comments. It was as though listening to an audiobook was really good. Keep it up and all the best th
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Story continuation.. Thukpa for all part 2 #bydaksh

Oh no, the power went out. It's so dark. Complaints signal it's a little early for a power cut and Snee. Monty. Not much either, observes not Bomini. How will I finish making my Tuppa as she adds the onions and tomatoes to the pot that's on her off doesn't matter to me. I believe she is sitting as this saunters close to Abby. I'll help you. Cumin, pepper and gram masala. Also Tubby