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Dakota Baer
@kota.baer · 2:49

The Five Stages of Greif

When something traumatic happens, our brains know that someone is gone, yet we still work, go to school, play with our kids, etc. We keep going because that's what we know. We know they are there, as in our kids and our family and everything, but we do not believe our loved ones have passed away. A great way to work through this stage is by forcing yourself to feel when you're ready. This can be anything from angry, sad, happy

#loss #greif #itsokay

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Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 0:54

Handbook for heartbreak

You go back to what you were feeling and you thought you were over that feeling, but then it comes back. A couple of years ago, I wrote a book on grief. I was a therapist, and I read it out into this platform. So I'm going to link you to that book so you can listen. I hope someone of those words ease you as well. And I'll look forward to your next entry into the series. And I hope more people join the conversation. Thanks
article image placeholderSwell Audio Book Reading: Climbing Out From Under – A handbook for heartbreak
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