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Komal Sharma

 · 6mo ago · 1:27
Happy moment of my life🥰

"…Hello everyone Life is full of surprises and shocks Good news and bad news Unexpected twists and turns sometimes in life luck favours some induced so much that they reach peak of the glory and bliss I found myself in such a situation recently Good luck stopped me and brought with me the happiest day of my life Happiness is that moment of our life which plays a very good role in our life the happiest moment in our life is the day when my whole family goes to Vashhno Devi temple for picnic I will enjoy that day we walking at night and I reach the temple at eight in the morning the happiest moment in which we can enjoy that moment so much we can forgot our stress, anxiety, etcetera that day I will miss that day a lot I hope that they return in my life thank you.…"

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Shruti Singh

 · 6mo ago · 0:28

"…Hey, this was really amazing. And I would say traveling and spending time with our family are really the happiest moments of our life because I guess we have no tensions, we have no grief a fan. We just enjoy and be for who we are, actually. And I guess that's the greatest moments of our life. And I really love the way you had just described all those moments. So thank you so much for this amazing. Hello. Have a great day. Bye.…"

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