If you don't get it, you don't get it. And here's a quick stat of all wrong stats. Why? I don't like some people 1% and actual logical reason 99%. I just don't. Yeah, and don't study me because you won't graduate. You know what I mean? I mean, just imagine if there was a world where YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook all just merged into one giant thing known as utwitface

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Ty Dobbs
@dobbsty · 1:07
What's up man? So cool to hear you on swell. I think this is your spot to be. I'm not sure if you're like a standup comedian or not. If you're not officially, I think you should consider maybe going to an open mic and taking like a six or I guess it was five minutes, so you can definitely fill a five minute slot with no issues. So maybe just use swell. But I think you could be a stand up comedian


And when I got invited to it, went down there to do it, and mid set, mid me on stage doing my set, I triggered a lady. And I said, this was five years before I knew what triggered was. And it wasn't a racist joke, sexual joke, transphobic, anything joke. It was a NASCAR joke. A NASCAR joke totally set this lady off. And I'll kind of tell you how the joke goes real quick