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Kim M
@kimestryarts · 1:38

Abiding Peace by Dr. Ernest Holmes

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There is peace at the center of your being, a peace that can be felt throughout the day and in the cool of the evening. When the first star shines in the soft light of the sky, it spreads its comforting glow over all that exists. I see that it unites everything with itself, vitalizing all with the energy of its own being, creating everything through its own divine imagination, surrounding everything with peace and quiet and calm. I am one with this deep, abiding piece


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Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 0:41

Thanks for the infusion! Check new category called daily inspiration ! You!

Perfect, perfect moment for me listening to that. Thank you so, so much. I want to embody that today and then run with it because sometimes you think about peace as this languid kind of blanket of awareness upon you. But other times, peace can be the fuel to get you to just be completely at one with a certain vitality as well. And I want that as well today. So I'm going to infuse this into my Deborah Ness today. Awesome. Thank you
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