Kim M

@kimestryarts·1yr ago·1:47

Brown skin reaction buttons

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"…Good morning from Los Angeles. All you swell people out in the world. I have an actual suggestion for Swell, something that I've been thinking about. I think we need to start introducing different skin tones for the reaction buttons. I don't think people who are not people of color really think about how it feels more inclusive. When a person with a Brown skin tone sees reaction buttons that look like them that reflect the colors they see on their own skin.…"



Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes · 1yr ago · 0:34

"…Kim, thank you for this. I just alerted a few people in our team so we can talk about this. And I so feel you and respect the clarity of your if you're swell here too let's all up our game and always just look at life from all signs from all sides from all signs from sides and signs the best love your voice here and let's keep this conversation going. Let's see what happens.…"

@sudha what is actually possible on Swell app?


Reggie Mathis

@CoFfeeBlack · 1yr ago · 1:22

"…Give me some color. Give me some color. I don't care if you took, like, the colors of your flag, your nationality, your flag. If you gave me that, I will be fine. But don't give me this yellow, oranges looking thing.…"

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Sudha Varadarajan

@sudha · 1yr ago · 0:20

"…Hey, thank you Kim, for that suggestion. I have passed on the request to the product team and I'm sure the next time we have an Emoji update, this will be part of that update I have passed it on and so requested that they added to the roadmap. Thank you.…"


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