Khushi Verma
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Importance of books in our life

And today I'm gonna speak about the importance of books in our life. As in as many people say that books are your best friends, and it gives it makes you enter into an imaginative world. So we are going to discuss about books, how books are important in one's life

#sayit so today I am going to talk on the topic "Importance of books in our life"

shilpee bhalla
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Hello, Khushi. Really a nice well book. Seriously
L Kausar
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Hi Khushi. First of all, I really like to admire Ask Swell. I was totally knowledge, enriching about books and their importance. And I totally, thoroughly agree with your point because yeah, I mean, there's a point of time when people leave you and you are all alone and you're sitting on your couch thinking about wondering about things that would happen, that happened, that will happen and all kind of stuff. Nobody's with you to talk at all
Amoljeet Singh
@AmoljeetSingh13 · 1:14
Hey Khushi, hope you are doing great, dude. So yes, well dude, your content was amazing and the topic you chose is also good. And yes, I agree that books are not a part of her life and being a bookworm, it carries many advantages of being a bookworm. You get to know about many such things. Like my mom was a bookkeep and she used to read novels and knowledgeable here
54_Mahak Bansal
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Hello Christie. Really nice. Well and as you said, yes, really books play a very important role. Neither only paper books but ebooks, also paper books but College market. So yes, books play a very important role in our life. And I do support your views and very nice thoughts. Keep doing it. Really great work. Thank you so much for posting this. Well
Esha Panchal
@Eshap · 2:02

@khushiv #books

And as much as say it's not enough when it comes to talking about the importance of our books in our life, and I believe that books is one of the most important thing in our life, in everyone's life, I think. And we can't just imagine, just like we can't imagine our lives without mobile. I think it's the same case for books. So, yeah, three
Chanchal singh
@chanchalsingh · 1:09
Hi Khushi. It is a great swell. I can say Hi Khushi. I hope you are doing great in alive and it was a great swell for me else in there like novels and all. So I do read novels so for me it's a great topic for me. The great swell. Keep doing this and I keep posting like this. Thank you. Bye
Manalika Das
@Manalika · 1:41
So I also wanted to share this opinion that our duration, as well as the upcoming generation, would definitely prefer gadgets or books, which I think is not completely wrong. I mean, okay, if you want to socialize, if you want to surf through your social media or, like, watch a normal movie and stuff like that, then your gadget is fine
Sanya Jain
@Sanyaaaa_04 · 1:00
Even if it's pleasure reading. Pleasure reading is still given so much validation. But if I am finding interest in my staff study books, what is wrong? They always keep saying it. I like my time reading them. That's all. Thank you. Bye
Tanishka Singh
@Tancy_0818 · 1:19


Yes. Sushi, thank you so much for talking. You know, so like nicely about books and explaining what they mean to us and what they should mean to us and how, you know, they teach us so much, even though we probably never realized it. Our books are so important. They have been part of our lives almost they have been in our lives for almost like a very long time since we were children