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Khushi Dwivedi
@Khushi_Dwivedi · 4:49

It starts with us- expectations shattered

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But the way Colleen Hoover has written it ends with us. Even and it starts with us. You are going to find that she tries to cover the complete story and the vivid angles about the story and not just the romantic part of it. I'll be reading a new book and I'll be recording the Read along series new part very, very soon. And till then it's a wrap

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Ritika Gupta
@Ritika_Gupta · 0:34
Hi, Khushi. So I haven't read both of the books that you mentioned, but I can understand why It Starts With US wasn't worth it because as we all know, that art cannot be replicated. And as you said that the other part was written on a request due to the popularity. So it must have been hard for the author to replicate the feel and the connect of the story. Nevertheless less. I got a great recommendation called it ends with us from you
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