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khushi gupta

 · 10mo ago · 2:24

"…I just want to share a small example with you all that I learned with my past experiences. Now imagine that you are eating an Orange and before eating an Orange, just forget that how the Orange should taste like. Just forget the expectation mind trust Orange should be sweet or it will be star or anything like that. Just remove the expectations about the Orange, the taste of the Orange and now just don't expect anything from it.…"

#expectation #mind #trust


Sumant Aditya

 · 10mo ago · 2:06

"…And if we would have expected that yes this I would be received. And even if the expectation mind trust your favor. But the happiness that you got from blind I mean without expecting that happiness won't match the expectations happiness. So I would totally agree upon your words that you have conveyed on this. Well, another thing I would say that I think most of the people love surprises and surprises aren't something that we expect.…"


khushi gupta

 · 10mo ago · 0:10

"…Absolutely right. And thank you. I just want to say that we should live our life the way it is, and instead of expecting, we should just enjoy it.…"


Swell Team

 · now · 0:15