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One Arranged murder

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"…This is a story about love and murder. Actually it is a story about an arranged marriage that eventually become One Arranged Murder. One arranged murder begins where Bhagat's previous novel the Girl in room 10. Five ends. Keisha, Raj, Parhit and Maheshwari are best friends colleagues, blackmail and business partners exercise detectives which they started after solving the Zara Lone murder case. They are the same guys whom we see in the book the Girl in room 105.…"



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"…Hello, Kashis. Thank you so much for inviting all your spell. And this novel is really amazing. I read this novel, and it's really awesome. It's a seeker to the girl in the room. It's very it's a jaw dropping shopping crime trailer now. It's very comfortable to read without being bored, even for a moment. Really built up the character in the story very efficiently. And I really like this novel.…"

One Arranged murder

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