Kenzie Kettwig


Cal Poly SLO ‘24 Computer Engineering | I talk about my experiences in engineering, my love for cats, the great outdoors, and how to do college🧪🔭🐱



Sunday reset with me!

Why does my cat want to lie in my clean laundry pile?



Tips for a beginner artist?

I use micron pens to draw and I’m looking for suggestions on what to create and techniques to improve my work!



Do you relax in ways related to your college major?

Do you do STEM related activities in your free time as a STEM major? Is working on a personal project a break from academics if related to your major?



Work Problems

Any advice on how to sit down with a coworker and ask them to be more professional?



Adopting a kitten!

Any advice for first time cat owners? Leash training? Specific diets?


What to do when you’re sick?

Recovering from a cold and bored! Share your "sick routine" with me :)



How was your weekend?

Sunday resets and the fun concert I went to!



How did you pick your college?

Getting advice for my younger sister who is struggling with the decision making process right now!

What if It’s Us? Thoughts and book suggestions please!

I share my thoughts and the premise of What if It’s Us and hope y’all can share some suggestions with me!



Share your college major/minor!

I need some advice on a film minor because I’m interested in CGI! Also feel free to share how you get through summer classes and fun courses!



Mental Health in College

I share my own experiences and what I’ve seen happen to others around me.



What are you passionate about?

Share down below what you’re passionate about, even if you’re not very knowledgeable about it!



How to time manage during the quarter/semester!

I offer some advice on how I stay organized and multitask! Let me know your recommendations for making this the best quarter ever!


Secrets of Professional Networking and Negotiations

Advice from an attendee of the 2022 Silicon Valley WiE Conference. I am a student at Cal Poly majoring in Computer Engineering.





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