Kara Bethea
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Colorado Gardening

Hello everyone. Today I'm going to be talking about gardening in Colorado and various things that you need to be successful and some tips and tricks that I have found along the way of my ten plus years of gardening in Colorado in sort of a haphazard way. So if you're interested, what you will need is you will need to find a plot of dirt like small plots that you can put some plants into, or you need a raised bed, or you can do pots or barrels

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Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 1:46

Drip irrigation... 🥸

You mentioned something that I wanted to ask you about, which is the drip irrigation versus watering in the morning. I have four flower beds, not flower beds, vegetable beds, and they're about six X six each. I have a pretty large backyard, and the two outer ones are kind of a little less nurtured in terms of really nice soil than the two inner ones, but they all have stuff growing in them at various times in the year
Kara Bethea
@Kbethea · 3:10

My two cents on drip irrigation.

But that being said, we also put drip irrigation into my last gardening plot in our house that we had in a raised bed, and all we did was buy a kit from I think it was like Home Depot or maybe even Lowe's or something like that. And it was like a $30 kit and came with everything you needed to hook up to a hose and had a timer included and everything. So you don't necessarily need to use your entire home irrigation system or pipes, water pipes
Deborah Pardes
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I'm so happy that you were delighted. I'd love to ask you about the master's program that you're in and what prompted you to use Swell as a part of that experience. Just out of curiosity, it is a place where the weirdest things happen and the most wonderful things happen because people have different interests and you pop into different kinds of conversations and you meet people and learn a lot of stuff. So gardening is definitely something I'm trying to learn more about