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Kavita B
@kavitaseth22 · 4:13

Rainfall effects

But when I come up with my vehicle and just it started raining but I didn't stop. I just had a complete round of from one sector to another. I had some personal work also at different sectors. But it was nice weather and worthwhile. It was worth when I just move around. No doubt I was just wet by all the heavy rainfall. It was going on. But the weather is awesome now. There is no need of AC and the cool and pleasant environment is soothing
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Challa Sri Gouri
@challasrigouri · 0:26
Hello. Thank you Kavita for sharing your swell on the topic rainfall effects. So sometimes everything seems to be happening around. But still we don't focus on certain things. And when we listen others perspective regarding that we'll get to feel like okay, why we did not look into this in that perspective. So I felt that when I actually listened your spell. Thank you so much
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