Will Smith and Chris Rock

Hi. Swell. So I'm sure a lot of you probably tuned into the Oscars. I think it was yesterday. And I'm sure you guys have all heard about the Will Smith slapping Chris Rock on stage after Chris Chris Rock made a joke about Jada Pickett Smith's hair. There's been a lot of debate about kind of different sides of the argument of what people think about what Will Smith did
grace pouri
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But then as I read more on, I saw more of it, I was like, that definitely could have been talked about or taken care of after on their own time. Like, he didn't have to do it in front of national television and get up and punch him. So I definitely do seem both sides to that. But it is a very controversial topic for sure
Gabie Rudolph
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So I think that they were both in the wrong in some way. I mean, Chris shouldn't have made that joke or comment about her hair, and Will Smith shouldn't have gone up on live television and slapped him in the face. So I guess both of them are on the wrong. So I even though they say that it's not staged, when I first saw it, I definitely did think it was staged
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Liv Blair
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It was just, like, really uncalled for, especially because she's been so open about having Alopecia and I don't know. I honestly thought Will Smith was valid for the way he reacted, because if it's something you're not expecting to hear and it's just something so just called out on national television about someone you love. I don't know
Jas (They/them) Martin
@studentlife · 1:04
Okay. So I'm kind of on the side of that. Will Smith's reaction was like, kind of valid. I know. Like, some other people have commented. Like, at first it seemed really extreme, but then I just don't think Alopecia is, like, funny to joke about. And I think Will Smith, when it's somebody you love, like you're going to react. And this is Besides the point if it was the right or wrong reaction
Samuel Penate
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Personally, I think he totally deserved to get punched. And people just saying how they Will Smith is just wrong for doing it and looking like very unprofessional and all of those things, I think that's just wrong. They're now seeing the big picture on how he got upset about his wife
Caitlin Jensen
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And it is actually very interesting that you did mention that the people from the Oscars did just put the joke in the script. I mean, I haven't done too much research on it either. I even watched it back. And I don't think it kind of looks fake on TV. But I mean, why would they tolerate violence? Why would they want violence in a national event that fosters a little weird
Mtwadamela Ijogo
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You're subject to get it on any given night with any given comic. You don't know what's coming. But you do know they're looking for material. So if you out there dressed like a clown or looking crazy or anything going on like that, you can expect something to be said about you. So you better have. So if you don't want to say that about you, you're in the wrong d*** place. So I don't know
Mtwadamela Ijogo
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If that comedian is looking to maybe fill the gap on some time or just freestyle, you know what I'm saying, because you out there dressed crazy as h*** and he got him some fresh material on the spot, then you already know what's going to happen. You're in the wrong spot if you don't want nobody to say nothing to you. So that's really my two set on it. Really. I feel like we did it because it was Chris Rock