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Katharine Coles
@katharine.coles · 3:28

What does it mean to be a body?

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There's a definition very near the beginning of this poem of beauty that I've stolen verbatim from the poet William Carlos Williams. This is called living wild. Living wild, not being beauty is a defiance of authority. Fear of falling back into arms I trust returning to something not the same thing. Fetching I incline to fleece and flannel, raise myself each morning and feel flight in daylight. Flight refining stars or meteors. Body not defined one way. What ruffles feathers?

#poetry #sonnet #body #beauty

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Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 1:45


Catherine I feel like this poem is, like, adjacent to anthemic. I cannot not say it's anthemic until someone makes it so, but maybe it is anthemic in its whole self, because the conversation of body is so prevalent and the conversation of limitations within a body that doesn't represent who you are is so prevalent right now in terms of the trans community
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Katharine Coles
@katharine.coles · 1:08


I think I would have said it was a kind of a*** poetica maybe, which is why I decided to begin the book with it in spite of, again, that overt use of the word beauty which is a big one for me right now. And also, though, the complications which you identified of its examination. Thank you so much for being a really generous listener and reader. I'm very grateful to you
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