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Kashish Longiany

 · 5mo ago · 4:58
How can one forgive a cheater?

"…And you know, when you love someone, you don't put them in a position where they think that they're not good enough or you make them doubt their own worth. It's like if you're not happy in a relationship, if you're not satisfied by being with that person, I think you can go to them and you can say like hey, I think this is not working out and this is not what I want from life.…"

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Pradeep Malarvannan

 · 5mo ago · 3:01

"…First of all, first thing, they really don't want they really shouldn't, you know, forgive that person to the person who cheated on them. Yeah, I agree with that. But there are some people, I'm not saying who forgive them because they think that's a big human, big man act. There's a saying in summer, for example. It means people who ask forgiveness is human. People who forgive that person is a great human.…"

shilpee bhalla

 · 5mo ago · 0:53

"…Hello, Kashish. I agree with you each and every point.…"


Dharmin Chanda

 · 5mo ago · 4:57

"…Not that you are letting somebody go for the sake of it, but two things. One is for your own growth, to be at peace with your own self. You don't need to get back with that person or not be with that person, but at the same time forgive that person and move on. Move on, get on with life. Because if you don't forgive the person, you will yourself not be at peace.…"


gungun bansal

 · 4mo ago · 0:51

"…Hi, Kashish. I see this. Do not talk about this. And thank you so much for posting this. You know, in case of anyone else, if someone has cheated on them, we literally just said it like so the why is it necessary to be with that person? But our decision was so objective. But the person who has feeling that thing that the one who has been cheated has the emotional attachment toward that person.…"