Karmendra Thakur
@Karmendra1309 · 2:19

Bhangarh Fort : The Unsolved Mystery (Part 1)

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A good old market route of this fort city surrounded by broken monuments which looks bit scary, bit interesting and bit unacceptable. Another part takes you to a lush green garden route surrounded by multiple trees, rich valley of flowers of different colors and their blossom is just mesmerizing. After that, there's a way just behind the palace boundaries that will take you to the mystery ridden Bangor Palace

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Anisha Rodrigues
@anisharodrigues · 0:35
Hey. Thank you so much for this. Well, I had definitely heard different stories about Bangar Fort and how it's always haunted and there are spirits mowing about, and that different. People shouldn't try going to Bangar Fort after a certain time in the night because it's very dangerous and there are many evils spirits lurking in Bangar foot. And thank you for getting this story into Limelight, and I hope you get more indigenous story to Limelight. So thank you so much
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