Karan Dev
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Karnataka 23: What do we need to know?

I just wanted to do a quick overview with you in terms of your reading of the upcoming election and what are you getting from the work that you guys are doing on the ground? How are the currents shifting and what are the permutations and combinations that are emerging which you know in five short minutes we should all know about? Once again, I'm really looking forward to hearing you and your response and thank you so much for taking time out to join me on Swell again

In conversation with Vijay Rao, Chief Relationship Officer at Rajneethi #indianpoliticsonthinktank

Vijay Rao
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And as far as the state government is concerned, like you said, there are some gaps in the administration, in the government's part but then there isn't a big wave of Lt income in the present government as well. So that gives the BJP a little bit of comfort in their campaign approach. And all said and done, there will be local level incommencies on their MNS in Senate pockets. We'll have to see how the sort of party deals with it