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Who else is an SRK fan?

It can be anyone, right? From Bollywood or Hollywood or even down south, anyone. Even television. But that one person that you said I just want a photo with that person. I want to chat with that person. Who is that person? For me, of course it's SRK. King Khan. And I'm sure there's a long queue which may not finish this lifetime to go get meet him. But who knows? So tell me, who would you like to and why?

#askswell #bollywood #srk #shahrukhkhan #actor #actress #celebrity #movies #films #hollywood Which actor or actress makes your heart beat faster?

Inika Choudhary
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So for me, a personal favorite for a conversation would be Mrs. Sudhamurti. I have grown up reading her books all about social work, then grandma's bag of stories, so children's stories, social work, her own life experiences and all of it has sort of imprinted on me and made me think about what I want to become as I grow up. I actually wrote a letter to her when I was really young
Kadambari Gupta
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Hi as you are a big fan of Sharu Khan. I am a big fan of Akshay Kumar sir and I really like his movies. Like the way he has managed to do all the stunts, action scenes and as well as comedy. So I remember going back to down the memory lane in 2008 when I got an opportunity to meet him. I was so so nervous. But at a hotel in Bombay I managed to meet him and see him in real, real
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Hi Inika. Nice to know that you have a role model who really influences you and will make you a better person and who will be able to give you direction in life. So that's lovely to know and I hope that you are able to meet her someday. That'd be really amazing. And yes, our books are great. And on that note, you must check out my book. It's definitely different from Sudhaji's books
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It. Hi. Oh, so you're an Akshaya fan. Okay, that's great. I have met him once, but long back in my journalist career. And yeah, he was shooting I don't remember which for one of the Killari movies, I think. And, yeah, he looked good. So, yeah, when we go that's really right
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And I think that's what I have also expressed not to him, but I've also expressed in the book that that's what he does. So I guess Bollywood movies are like that, right? They give us a picture of especially the old times picture of how love is, how romance is. And then we start believing that this is how we condition our minds. Our minds get conditioned subconsciously. Hence
Navoneeta Chakraborty
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We have to afford her tickets, so we need good jobs. And also, yeah, this was the scene when we were in college, when we were in school, and now we all are in college, and still we are hooked on to her songs. So it's her, like, meeting her, going to a concert, and this is life goal. This is literally a life goal to me and to all my Swifties. I know we all are obsessed with her
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But the reason why I am responding to what you had to say about Shari Khan was to say that, yes, I am also a big fan of Sharu Khan, but maybe for slightly different reasons. And I do want to share with you what those are. Last year, when his son was in a fair amount of trouble and things were just going so horribly wrong, and it was as though the whole world was it seemed as though there was no way that this is going to get fixed
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He has been awarded the Padma Shri by the Government of India as well as the Audrey Dress Arts at this literary and Legion of Honor by the Government of France. Khan has a significant following in Asia and the Indian despora worldwide in terms of orient size and income. He has been described as one of the most successful film stars in the world. Many of his films them it is Indian national identity and connections with diaspora, communities or gender, racial, social and religious difference and grievances