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A Women Rejecting a man is not a invitation to harassment or violence

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"…Example, if someone says no in any fashion or manner as far as can I go out, can I call you? Do you want to date me? Do you want to be with me? Whatever manner is and the rejection is there, then you take the rejection. You have no other option. None, because once you decide you do, what do you think that would mean? We should not have to keep hearing the same questions. You should just let me have you.…"

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"…But what's also infuriating about this is that when a man ignores the no, then the woman now has to take on more responsibility for the situation, not only for her own emotions, for her own safety, everything she's feeling and experiencing in that moment, but now she has to be concerned about him, about his potential for violence, about his emotions, how he's going to handle this, and about trying to be heard, even though a simple no was not heard.…"

When unacknowledged feelings suddenly become another's responsibility.


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"…That's not a good time, you know, and I had never, ever my entire life in 42 years old, ever been made to feel the way I felt when it just was very foreign to me, how I became the person in the wrong. And you need to say that right now. Apparently it bothers me. Swell team. Thank you, though. Thank you for responding and I appreciate you always supporting my content.…"



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