Brandy J Singleton

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What can make or brake a Host you are listening to?

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"…I have a question. What makes you not want to listen to a podcast or an audio cast? What show? What is it that turns you off that can turn you off from what you're listening to directly from maybe the host. What is it that could make or break something one when you were listening to them.…"

What is something that can change your want to listen to a host of a show or a podcast or an audio cast what does that turn off what is it that can ma


Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes · 1yr ago · 1:18

"…And if they're super talented and they want to just tell stories or be funny or entertain, let it be known that's their vibe, they're just there to entertain, but they're not there to just say, Listen to me. I'm worth your time, but to acknowledge the cycle of communication that is so present in good audio. So I hope that stimulates your brain and has more people answering for you. That's just me riffing. Hope that helps.…"



Brandy J Singleton

@Joylove · 1yr ago · 2:45

"…I'm always letting it be known. And it is for the people. But it got me thinking just to be aware of when I'm speaking or delivering a message or a word or whatever it may be information that is that I'm making sure that it's not just me. That means that I am talking to and not for or just to be heard by the listeners. I have somebody to say, listen to me, something that a lot of people.…"


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"…It's fine to ask them a few questions about it, but it's not really cool to be completely unaware or to belittle someone for their culture. So generally speaking, speaking, I would say inclusivity and attitude. These are the two things that will matter to me. That's a great question. Thank you for it's.…"

Cultural sensitivity and attitude towards guests


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Shahnaz Ahmed

@bookishpodcast · 1yr ago · 1:48

"…These are really great questions and some excellent answers as a podcaster myself. Thank you to the people who responded because I was like, what would turn me off from a host? And I really like what Deborah said about their authenticity and their lack of guruness. Is that what you said, Deborah? Yeah, I totally hear you because some people come off as preachy.…"


Brandy J Singleton

@Joylove · 1yr ago · 2:38

"…I think as podcasters, since you deal with so many different people and stuff that it should be, I guess I want to say homework, but it should be something that we should either. I mean, just having conversations with people, you should be aware of that. But having platforms and having different guests, I think, should be something you require to gain more information on, too to learn more. And if that makes any sense at all whatsoever.…"


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