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Stay in our own lanes


"…There should be nothing else to talk about because you don't get to tell the other person what to do or not to do for the one that got vaccinated. You made a choice for you. You took the risk because it was a risk, and you took it kudos for you. That is your choice, the outcome. You don't know. You don't know. You really don't. Some people found out, but we all knew that was a risk. Some would have things happen.…"

When it comes to the choices that we are allowed to make for ourselves even the very people that think they know what they are talking about and they


Brandy J Singleton

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"…People get to choose how they feel or want to decide how they receive the information they're receiving. And a lot of people aren't receiving things the same, and it's okay because either way it goes, this is still going on. And perpetuating ignorance and arguing just builds up another step of things not to do for our children to watch. Pay close attention. Pay attention to children. Let's stay in your own Lane. Worry about your family. Worry about your kids.…"

Some words to the swell

Stay in our own lanes

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