Brandy J Singleton

@Joylove·2yr ago·2:24

What is a joke these days? Swell community what do you feel or think when you see this?

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"…I said, but for someone else, it's not joke. I said, what happened to jokes when they were really jokes and they're funny these days you could say the most morbid things. And then what social media has done is made it okay for someone to say it's satire joke. Okay. That's bullshit, because I could say some really messed up stuff right now. Other say it's a joke.…"


Fletcher Oliver III

@Mr2Extra · 2yr ago · 3:06

"…And these race jokes are not funny, neither how many Polok or how many Blacks or how many Caucasian it takes to do this, how many cops it takes to firemen jokes like that are not funny. So they might be funny at the time. But we shouldn't be laughing at jokes that's against other race. That is different a little bit if you're black can't talk about black. So if you're poor, you talk about porch, it's a little bit different.…"


Brandy J Singleton

@Joylove · 2yr ago · 5:00

"…I know what people have gone through, went through still going through. I don't victimize myself saying no victim. But, Dennis, I will never sit here and do jokes about what the European or colonizers. You know what I mean? I wouldn't make a joke and then pretend, you know what I mean as this woman is because it's still something against us.…"

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