Brandy J Singleton

@Joylove·2yr ago·5:00

Confidence and Insecurities


"…What is confidence to you? What is insecurity to you and keeping those two in mind? Why is it that we tend to look at those very things and let them take a hold of us as if we are not normal and that something is wrong with us? Interesting, isn't it? Well, I mean, it's not too hard to have these thoughts, right? Look at society.…"



Mtwadamela Ijogo

@Mtwadamela · 2yr ago · 2:43

"…So I guess other feel like if I just take her self confidence away when she feel like nobody else want her, then I can hold on to her. I can keep other, which is really bad. But like I said, I think it all stems really from the guy's self image of himself. He doesn't have confidence in himself. So he takes her confidence away, which is really not a good thing to do. And it's hard for people who have issues with their looks.…"

Dewuan .

@FryedOreo · 2yr ago · 3:31

"…I found this interesting that you paired confidence and insecurities, as typically folks would say, confidence and arrogance. And what is the difference between other two is native within all of us. So we all have some insecurities that we have to manage. It's not something we can ever completely get rid of because we are human after all. And I think those that manage it a bit more than others are what we would consider to be healthy individuals.…"

Can insecurities for some be confidence to others? 🤔


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